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The quest to discover Archaeoastronomy: the Science of the New Millennium
Hunter in the Sky and Save Our Sacred Skies

“The sky calls to us . . . but there was a time the stars seemed an impenetrable mystery. Today we have begun to understand them. In our personal lives also, we journey from ignorance to knowledge. Our individual growth reflects the advancement of the species. The exploration of the cosmos is a voyage of self discovery”  -  Carl Sagan

The voyage of self discovery is the purpose of this educational website.

Through the simple understanding of some intriguing facts you will be taking the first steps on a journey to create a renaissance for our planet. But first you must decide for yourself if you wish to take on the great responsibility of this secret knowledge.

Are you brave enough to begin the search and the gathering of clues?

You say you are ready?

Then first consider the true origins of your own culture. Next imagine all nations coexisting as one planetary people where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists would always seek out channels of communication and peaceful solutions. Recognize this is not an impossible dream. Hunter in the Sky provides the very tool that will enable humanity to recognize that universal harmony.

Why isn’t it taught in public school system that every culture on our planet looked to the heavens as a wellspring of enlightenment? Why does the fact that early humans utilized the heavens to create a stable existence bother religious totalitarians?

Come to the realization that through the science of
Archaeoastronomy, humankind can discover how a sacred bond between heaven and earth is linked to the development of the greatest religions, societies and civilizations. Recognize why worldwide peace depends on how well humanity rediscovers its celestial beginnings.

Comprehend how this very same awe inspiring sky is being endangered by the devastating effects of unnecessary light pollution. The sacred sky is a planet wide cultural treasure that must be respected, protected and preserved. It could very well be the key we need to win the war against religious and racial hatred. Through this educational website, we challange you to take the first step towards
celestial enlightenment.


Flagstaff Dark Skies Coaliton 50th Anniversary photo of what
night skies look like with effective light pollution regulation.


                                Hunter in the Sky is a proud supporter of the                                
Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition - Flagstaff, Arizona
Hanwakan Center for Prehistoric Astronomy, Cosmology
and Cultural Landscapes - Fond du lac, Wisconsin
Starhenge - Environmental Artwork and Megalithic Observatory
Flagstaff, Arizona

Hunter in the Sky and Save Our Sacred SkiesWhat is Archaeoastronomy?Wm Seven and the Sacred Ride Across AmericaHeroes, Suggested Reading, Stargazing Adventures, ContactMyth, Gods, World Sites